“Have you ever thought of using timers on things that are right in front of you?
-Now you can with 1200AM.”
“Have you ever thought of linking your timer to real objects without typing what they are?
-Now you can with 1200AM.”
1200AM has given a whole new meaning to the word “timer”. Our timer is visualized and can be setup quickly. 1200AM is an App that could start as many timers as you need simultaneously. Simply take a photo of the area/objects you need to time and place the timers anywhere on the photo. It is good for cooking, wine tasting, making coffee, metered parking or anything that you could think of that need a precise timer. You could apply one timer per photo or multiple timers in one photo at once.
Latest Feature added:
Stopwatch - as U Wish. You can use stopwatch function just like our timer. You can mix both stopwatch and timer on the same screen.
Feature Highlights:
  • As many timers as you need on maximum 6 images.
  • You can use your iPhone’s camera to take photos as your background or you can choose photos from your photo library to use as your timer background.
  • You can place your timer/stopwatch anywhere on the images you have.
  • Even after you quit 1200AM, if your timer has started, you will be alerted when the time is up. (for iOS 4 or above)
  • Stopwatch will continue even after you quit your App
  • For iPad:
  • You can only choose photos from your library to as your background or use our existing black background.